Building Your Own Blue Team Lab


Every blue team member should spend some time investing in building their own lab setup. It can be a great and fun learning experience, where you pickup some “low hanging fruit” skills. Hopefully comíng out with something you will continue to use and develop over the rest of your InfoSec career.

Having your own lab, allows you to quickly test theories and detection methods. It can be adapted to support any usecase you need, your only limit is your own imagination….

How does it look?

The lab is designed to work as follows…. You add an IoC to an event within MISP, this is then distributed to the black list’s on your prevention tools. At the same time, this IoC is used to alert based on logs coming into ElasticSearch. The IoC will be added to an ElastAlert rule, which then takes care of searching back through the ElasticSearch logs for previous activity. ElastAlert needs somewhere to send its alerts to and this is where The Hive comes into play…. Sounds simple right?

Open source is the only way…

The Security Distractions lab is only based on Open Source tools, so your only investment if you decide to build this, will be your own time! It can be used for production with a few modifications…

Over the next few blog posts, we will go into each tool and their integration points. We promise to try to keep it exciting!

But how will I run the lab?

This lab can be built using whatever method you want… We will supply the configuration files for each tool where needed, but it is up to you how it is run. I like to run using VM’s but others are obssessed with Docker. So it is about using whatever you feel most comfortable with. For those planning on using VM’s, the first post will be about VirtualBox, so you can get started…. If you’re using Docker, then ummm…… You’re on your own!

All configuration files will be found over on our GitHub page:-

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