Kibana – Chromium

When you have installed your Elasticsearch cluster with Kibana on your favourite Linux distribution, you will probably at some time want to generate a report as a PDF.

Elastic decided to switch from PhantomJS to Chromium as headless browser in the latest releases. And Chromium has some dependencies, that Kibana install is not handling for you.

So if you goto Kibana/Managment/Reporting, it’s possible, you will see this error:

Chromium fails to start

This can be caused by a variety of reasons. But a typical cause is missing dependencies for Chromium. This is documented at this link.

The page has sections documenting the dependencies for the most popular distributions.

So we add these packages to our Kibana Ansible playbook:

Kibana Ansible playbook

After having run this updated playbook, we see, that we are now able to generate PDF reports as expected.

Sample PDF

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